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What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is a set of techniques that enhance a home and give it a more attractive look for potential clients. The goal of Home Staging is to prepare a home to increase the chances of finding an interested person as soon as possible and to obtain the maximum benefit.


Home Stager

The work of the Home Stager consists of using these techniques to highlight the strong points and minimize the weak points of a property. Therefore, it is not about hiding the defects, but about fixing them. It is also not about decorating the house, since the decoration is very personal and in the case of Home Staging the goal is to turn the house into a neutral and cozy place in which most visitors feel comfortable.

This technique can be used for different types of homes in any state of conservation, whether they are furnished or not, whether they are for rent or for sale ... there is a solution for each home.

Real estate photography

In addition to preparing the home, the quality of the image is important to reflect these improvements. As professionals of the real estate sector we understand that the first impression that a house can cause, whether it is in person or through a photograph, can be decisive. Today, the Internet is a very strong marketing tool, but you have to know how to squeeze all its possibilities as it is within everyone's reach and the photos that are used are decisive to stand out above the competition.

We have professionals prepared both in the use of photographic equipment and in the use of programs to process said photographs.

Why do Home Staging?

Customers who visit a home often have difficulty imagining how their lifestyle might fit. For this reason one of the fundamental principles of Home Staging is to depersonalize the property so that it likes the greatest number of people and that can be imagined in the house from the first minutes of the visit.

The houses have to stand out from the competition. After applying Home Staging techniques, the homes look clean, tidy and cozy, standing out from the existing offer. If the state of the home is not very good it can be the perfect excuse for price negotiations. By doing Home Staging you limit these negotiation possibilities.

Thanks to the Home Staging properties are sold or rented faster and at the best price.

How we work?

  • After visiting the house, a detailed report of the changes and improvements is made.
  • We manage the search and acquisition of decorative elements.
  • We coordinate and execute masonry improvements. (if applicable)
  • Cleaning and staging of the house.
  • Photo report. (15-20 photos processed)

Homes for sale

The furniture and decoration used for the staging will be left in the dwelling (as long as the dwelling is not inhabited) for a maximum period of 10 months.

The furniture and decoration will be removed within a maximum period of 7 days after the signature of the reservation document.

Homes for rent

The furniture and decoration used will only be used for the photographic report.

The owner can acquire the elements used if interested.

Complementary services

We also have a series of additional services that provide a lot of value when promoting a home:

Virtual reality

We transport customers to properties thanks to this revolutionary 3D technology. It's like a permanent open day: from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Plans in 2D and 3D

It helps to better understand the distribution of spaces, the orientation of the home, the spaciousness of the rooms and allows you to understand details that can hardly be appreciated in any other way.


Get a better price by contracting the complete pack, in which in addition to obtaining a discount we give you the design and printing of personalized flyers.

  • Home Staging
  • Photo report
  • Virtual reality
  • 2D and 3D plans
  • Energy Certificate
  • Design and printing of custom flyers

The prices vary according to the size of the house, the state of it and the work you want us to do.

Ask for a budget without commitment.



Below you can see several success stories, both for rental and sale properties:

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