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Do you have your heart set on buying a gorgeous Torremolinos property this year? If so, you'll already be thinking about holding the front door keys to your property, whether that’s a 2-bedroom flat with a swimming pool and gardens in El Pinillo, or a magnificent 3-bedroom next to the beach in Los Boliches.


That said though, before you can sit back in relax in your Torremolinos property, you’ll want to get a top euro exchange rate. After all, when you transfer money to Spain at a fab euro exchange, buying your real estate in Torremolinos falls in cost for you! With this in mind, please find below 5 easy tips to maximise your currency total.


  1. Exchange currencies with a foreign exchange broker, instead of your bank.


When we buy euros, it's tempting to use our local bank. The thing is though, the banks know this, so they offer inferior exchange rates. Instead, a foreign exchange broker can get you a significantly better currency rate, to make buying luxury real estate in Torremolinos a breeze.


  1. Accept a good exchange rate as soon as it arises.


When you exchange currencies, our impulse is often to wait and see how high the exchange rate goes. The thing is though, the foreign exchange market is highly volatile. Given this, instead of trying to "time the market", exchange currencies when a good rate arises. This way, you'll receive the euro total you need!


  1. Talk to a friendly, professional currency dealer.


Is this your first time exchanging a significant sum of money, to buy Torremolinos property?  If so, speak to a friendly, professional currency dealer. He or she will explain the process and answer your questions in straightforward language, without any jargon. This way, you can put your mind at ease.


  1. Plan your currency exchange well in advance.


Are you thinking about buying a Torremolinos property in the next few weeks? If so, start looking at exchanging pounds to euros now. This is because, the sooner you look at exchanging currencies, the bigger the window you give yourself for an outstanding exchange rate to become available!


  1. Keep an eye on the foreign exchange rate with Google.


To keep an eye on the foreign exchange rate, and find out when sterling climbs, you can simply use Google. Just enter "GBPEUR" into the search engine, and Google will return the current exchange rate, as well as a historical exchange rate graph. This way, you can see if the exchange rate is favourable!


With these tips in mind, exchanging currencies for your luxury property in Torremolinos will be a cinch. So you'll enjoy less stress, and more ¡siesta bajo el sol!


By Peter Lavelle at foreign exchange broker Pure FX


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